Working Mindfully Training Programs - Mindful Wellbeing - Evidence-Based Results for Today
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Working Mindfully Training Programs

Our mindfulness training programs are drawn from the Mindfulness Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) 8-week program which is the field’s Gold standard and from which thousands of published scientific papers attest to its value.  Our training is additionally drawn from a well-researched core of interventions, techniques and practices from positive neuroplasticity and humanistic psychology.

An easy way to get started with mindfulness training is with the 90-Minute Mindfulness Taster Session or Half or Full Day Tailored Workshops. If you prefer to work individually, One-to-One Mindfulness Coaching is available. The full training is the Foundational Five-Week Working Mindfully Program.

  • 90-Minute Mindfulness Taster Session
  • Half or Full Day Tailored Mindfulness Workshops
  • One-to-One Mindfulness Coaching
  • Foundational Five-Week Working Mindfully Program 

90-Minute Mindfulness Taster Session

This popular session is about the science and efficacy of mindfulness as well as being trained in one mindfulness practice and receiving a downloadable MP3 to continue the practice in daily life.

The perfect way to introduce mindfulness – dispelling myths and giving participants the information needed to decide if they would like to commit to the Foundational Five-Week Working Mindfully Program. (For up to 30 people – minimum 8). 

Half-Day or Full-Day Tailored Mindfulness Workshops

These workshops enable attendees to gain a fuller insight into mindfulness, plus the opportunity to experience the main practices of mindfulness and continue these practices on a daily basis with downloadable MP3s.  This is not a full training in mindfulness, rather it gives participants the information needed to decide if they would like to commit to the Foundational Five-Week Working Mindfully Program (For up to 30 people – minimum 8). 

One-to-One Mindfulness Coaching

Typically 1:1 mindfulness coaching begins with a two-hour session to introduce the broad theory and benefits of mindfulness by way of experiential practice.  Outcomes and a sense of your daily schedule and challenges are discussed.  After that, by way of weekly mindfulness coaching sessions of approximately one hour, a program of practice is developed and refined to the point where you feel you have had sufficient training to keep it alive on your own.  Sessions are conducted in-person, Skype is also available.

Foundational Five-Week Working Mindfully Program


  •      5-week program with 1.5 hour weekly classes
  •      10-20 minutes of personal practice per day
  •      Minimum 10 people, maximum 25 people

Course materials

  •      50+ page workbook with weekly short readings and record of practice
  •      10 mindfulness audio practices delivered as links to download as MP3 files

A weekly session typically starts with practicing various mindfulness meditation techniques and often some gentle mindful movement and body scan practices. Each session also has a topic theme that is explored with brief discourses and discussions. Weekly emails inspire and encourage mindfulness throughout the day.

When we have the aspiration to get into better physical shape, we do not just read a book about fitness and expect results. We have to do the exercises. The same goes for mindfulness, which involves the training of the mind and this capacity develops over time through formal practice and application in real life situations.

There is no way to become more present, mindful and clear other than actually doing the training and practicing. Therefore, the emphasis is on experiential learning – practicing becoming more mindful, rather than on theory.

Contact me to explore where to start with mindfulness training.

It may be the 90-Minute Taster or 1:1 Coaching or an Introductory Workshop or jumping right into the Five-Week Foundational Program.

Call or email me, I look forward to hearing from you: 0417 263 780 or email