1:1 Mindfulness Mentoring - Mindful Wellbeing - Evidence-Based Results for Today
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1:1 Mindfulness Mentoring

Meditation is more than a practice, it is a path. As your particular practice unfolds, a particular path also arises. You find that you are changing. Sometimes these changes are subtle and sometimes they are enormous–but they are always unique because you are unique. We all need personalised wise insight and kind encouragement to tread the path skillfully.

In this regard, there is nothing more helpful than having a personal meditation instructor.

What sorts of issues are discussed in a 1:1 session?

A 1:1 session is a chance to review how your practice is going.  While you do not need a specific agenda in order to schedule a session, you may wish to discuss the following:

  • A general review of your practice
  • Advice about setting up your home practice
  • Questions about posture
  • Questions about the technique
  • Difficulties in establishing the practice sustainably
  • Observations of changes and challenges as a result of your practice–and what they may mean
  • Working with emotions in meditation
  • Working with emotions post-meditation
  • How to go deeper in your practice
  • Advice about practice during difficult life experiences
  • General conversations about the spiritual path

Where and when do the 1:1 sessions take place?

Sessions can take place by Zoom or in person in the Sunshine Coast area. The session is completely private. With Zoom, you and I will be able to see and hear each other–however, if you prefer, you may each disable the video function and meet using audio only.

$60 for a 30-minute session or $100 for a 60-minute session and can be paid via EFT.

Book a Session
To book a session, simply email me on heather@mindfulwellbeing.com.au or call 0417 263 780.