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About Mindful Wellbeing

Heather Albrecht

Honours Bachelor Business (WLU)
Grad Dip Holistic Psychotherapy
Registered Mindfulness Teacher (MTIA/MBSR)
Cert. Holistic Health Couns
Grad Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy
Cert. Yoga In Daily Life Teacher

I’m a registered psychotherapist and mindfulness teacher and ever since I can remember I’ve had a deep interest in what makes life meaningful; and this search has taken me to ashrams in India, extended meditation retreats around the world and here at home; and much time with skilled teachers from many different wisdom traditions and schools of psychology. And for all the enrichment I’ve received I feel an enormous amount of gratitude.

I’m a seeker – seeking is my north star. I worked in the corporate world for over 30 years and used to joke with friends that I felt ‘too hippie for the corporate world and too corporate for the hippie world’. Behind all of this I’ve felt a lot of confusion about where I fit and who I truly am.

Mindfulness has given me a lot of freedom. The freedom to hold the seeming contradictory parts of myself as a whole and to hold all of my ideas about who I think I am more lightly.

It’s taught me how to be less resistant towards the things in my life that feel hard, uncomfortable, scary even. And lets face it, life is full of the uncomfortable, the unpleasant. From the small ouch of a friend’s unkind comment to the big lose of a loved one. Being less resistant has brought me more freedom and ease – paradoxically less suffering.

Mindfulness has also brought me freedom from my inner critic and from the striver and the controller in me. I’ve learnt to befriend myself and motivate myself in kinder ways. And in finding more compassion for myself I’ve also found more courage and more compassion for others.

Of course none of these freedoms are absolute in me – they are the sweet rewards of ongoing practice.

For me Mindfulness and Self-Compassion have been the most transformative paths for living a deeply meaningful and authentic life.

My life’s work is now sharing this path and these practices and trainings with others like you to empower and support each other to find our inner voices, to find what truly makes our lives meaningful, and to feel confident, calm and connected while being fully ourselves. To thrive.